Granite is available in a variety of colors including gray, black, and mahogany. Personalizing a monument or marker to reflect the life of your love one can be accomplished by etching or carving a personal design.

The price of a monument is determined by the size, shape, finish, and color of the granite. Lettering and carving a design on the monument or marker at the time of purchase, and erecting the monument in the cemetery is included in the price. Future lettering is not included in the purchase price.

We offer bronze memorials by Matthews Bronze International, recognized as the leader of quality bronze memorials. Bronze memorials are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and can be personalized by placing emblems on the memorial to reflect the life of your love one.

Bronze memorials are required at memorial parks such as Wayne Memorial Park and we sell and install the memorials at these memorial parks.

Due to the fact that many factors determine the price of granite and bronze memorials, we request that you call, e-mail, or visit us for additional information.